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Stranded in the remote cabin that was supposed to serve as a weekend getaway, recent high school grad Nick is on his own to explore the surrounding backwoods. Unfortunately things take a dark turn when he stumbles upon a gruesome scene...

Accompanied by two new local acquaintances, Nick’s first goal is to uncover the mystery of what haunts the woods. His second is to survive it.

Unearth secrets hidden between the trees.
Solve a murder.
Confront what awaits in the darkness.
Whatever transpires, you’re guaranteed to be up all night.

Seven unique character sprites with over 100 'expressions'
 Five unlockable illustrations
 Original soundtrack
25,000+ words
Eight endings

The Up All Night Remaster also contains a bonus scene + CG unlockable in the gallery after the completion of all endings.

This game incorporates mature themes including physical violence, suicidal ideation, medication abuse, trauma response, and visual and written depictions of gore.

Terra Babcock - Story dev, narrative design, writing, original programming
Johan Faulstich - Story dev, character design, sprites, illustration, editing
Walksoftly - Original soundtrack, audio, editing
BaiYu - Ren'Py programming

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If you enjoy Up All Night, we encourage you to check out Rumination and Daybreak, direct spin-offs following the events of the Up All Night 'true end' and leading up to the future sequel, Remnants of Dawn, currently in production.

Up All Night won the title of Best Logline during the Spooktober 2020 Visual Novel Jam, the only game to receive a perfect score in any category.



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Cool art style


It took me a lot of time to find the game again lol

Anyways, great game, good storyline, everything is good


warning for spoilers

I just completed this after getting the two endings where I die by Grayson's or Felix's hands, then getting the true ending. I honestly didn't think that I could feel loss for anyone or anything after my dog died. Thank you for making something that let me feel what it's like to lose someone close again, and a reminder that we should hold those we love close. Words cannot describe how it feels to feel something after so long without caring about anyone or anything.

Thank you for this


Thank you so much for the very sincere and sentimental comment. 

Our team always strives to create stories that inflict emotion, whether those emotions be pleasant or painful. We're glad Up All Night impacted you in such a positive manner... even if that positivity was accompanied by a little heartache.

We're sorry for your loss, but are happy to have helped you through such a tough time.

Wishing you all the best,

The Fiendish Fiction team


// spoilers //

I almost got the true ending during my first playthrough! I'm very excited because that never happens, I was doing a good job up until it came the time to shoot our friend because I was so sad about it that I didn't want to do it haha. I'm excited to check out other endings because my initial reaction was "I am not trusting Felix like at all, he's not going inside the house and definitely not shaking my hand". I think the topic of trauma was dealt with in a realistic manner and I just want to congratulate you for this awesome experience.


Howdy lauraankariva,

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying Up All Night. Comments like this mean a lot to us. We also appreciate the positive review! If you haven't yet, we encourage you to check out the short, free, follow-up, Up All Night: Rumination. Cheers!


ty for the guide, i goofed up real good the 1st time altough i was trying a good ending without aids, that saved a lot of trouble and it was very emotional after all. completely worth it.

You're very welcome! Glad you found the guide useful. If you enjoyed Up All Night, we encourage you to leave a review, and to play the short, free follow-up, Up All Night: Rumination. Cheers!



We're thrilled to hear that, rawberrymilk! Don't forget to leave a rating, and check out the follow-up; Up All Night: Rumination. This short, free VN follows Nick years after the conclusion of Up All Night.

Thanks for the comment!



bro i was just trying to play horror games on itch and you had to go and make me cry. seriously though, even up to the battle i was not expecting such a heavy ending but you did it and executed it amazingly. i don't think i'm going to go for all the endings right now but it's mainly because i'm still crying while typing all of this out. you mixed heavy topics with vampires and werewolves and honestly i know i'm going to be thinking about this game even after turning off my computer and going to bed. this comment is kinda all over this place but in short i absolutely love this game.

Howdy haley,

Thanks so much for playing Up All Night, and for the kind comment! We're thrilled you enjoyed, and definitely recommend playing through the other endings when you get a chance. If you're interested, we also have an additional free one-shot which catches up with Nick years after the events, titled Up All Night: Rumination.

Thanks again! If you get around to it, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the other endings as well. :)


Just played this. Got 2 bad endings at first, haha I sucks. Although I got true endings eventually in the end, but I'm sad to see Nick's current state in UAN: Rumination :( I thought he tried to overcome his trauma because he looks hopeful in the end, but things might not been so easy to him. I just realized that this done with Tyrano Builder and Rumination is done with Ren'Py, but still keeping the same aesthetic, well done.

Howdy NSAID, thanks so much for playing Up All Night! We know you started with Rumination, so I'm sure it was a little strange playing the first installment after the spin-off.

Things certainly haven't been easy for Nick, though rest assured there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We're currently in the early stages of pre-production for a sequel which follows up with everything Nick has been through (and more), after the events of Rumination. We hope you'll stick around for it!

Yes, Up All Night was originally built in TyranoBuilder, while Rumination was made in Ren'Py. We are currently remastering the original Up All Night, this time programming it into Ren'Py to make it a more polished experience.

Thanks again for playing!


GOOD EVENING i was just checking my lists and then i saw that there's a rEMASTER OF THE GAME BY OCTOBER?? CANT WAIT!!!!

Yes!! October 20 is our upcoming release date for the remaster... but before then you'll wanna keep your eyes open for Rumination, a short spin-off featuring Nick years after the events of Up All Night. It's coming out this weekend!


oh my god my whole week's been a mess and this just totally will uplift me- I CAN'T WAAAIT!!!!!



each character is so complex and rich and so thought-out. i love how they all have done terrible things and have flaws but they're still lovable and have good traits! the designs and expressions are amazing too!!!! 

and the world-building? astounding! i love the creepy woods-cabin vibes. it's a tad cliche, but when it's done right, it ends up fantastic! this game definitely did it right =D!

the cg art is absolutely breathtaking. when the scene of felix and grayson switched to their monster forms, i gasped. the moon was beautiful too!

and not to mention the music??? it really helped set the tone of the story and got me anxious right when i needed to be.

as i said before, i'm not very squeamish and i'm a HUGE gore fanatic. anything blood, gutsy, and gross is my kinda thing. but the sprites and the way you described the corpses and nick being eaten was so incredibly gross that even my skin crawled and i got sick to my stomach. the team did a FANTASTIC job!!! 'up all night' is definitely going in my top 5 games of all time and i've already recommended it to some of my friends =DD!!!!!


i've only gotten the first two bad endings so far (i haven't had the time to play the rest), but i absolutely love this game! all the characters are super interesting and it's honestly one of the best games i've played!!! the backgrounds and cg art are absolutely beautiful and the music really helped set the tone. i'm a huge sucker for gore, but even the descriptions of the corpses made me sick to the stomach! good job!!!

i do have a question though! is there any possible way to get into the game files to save the sprites/cg art? i'd love to draw some fanart/cg redraws but i just can't find a way to save them!

once again, up all night is a great game!!! i'll definitely have to leave another comment once i beat all the endings!

Much appreciated, willy... we're thrilled you enjoyed Up All Night!

While we don't know of a way to access the in-game CG files, our artist has them available for viewing in his portfolio. We don't recommend clicking until you've finished the true end to avoid any potential spoilers, but here is the link. If you do end up drawing fan art, we'd love to see it!

Thanks so much for your kind comment and enthusiasm... it means a lot to our small team. If you're up for it, we'd also like to encourage you to leave a review, as this helps immensely with visibility.

Thanks again!


love this game! got the true ending and some of the bad endings.

!some spoilers ahead!

 i still genuinely think that felix somewhat liked nick since he was being possessive and all that. i loved nick's story and i do hope that he'll soon be happy and be able to move on after what happened. i just do hold on to that alternate universe where all five of them are friends and alive (LMAO)

anyhow kudos to the devs and everyone who worked on this! i hope more amazing games like these would be made!!

You are correct... Felix definitely liked Nick; probably a little too too much. As for Nick and his future, we hope you'll keep up with our team as we delve even deeper into his psyche in this year's Spooktober 2021 entry.

If you're interested in unlocking the remaining bad endings, there is a downloadable PDF walkthrough on the game page.

We're glad you enjoyed Up All Night. Thanks for playing!


oh my god,,, you guys did a great job at this!! so i'll def. check up and play the possible sequel (?) i can't wait to hear more from your wonderful team!! <33


I'm super late to the party but hats off to this game!!! I really enjoyed it to the fullest!!!!

Much appreciated! We're so glad you got around to it. Thanks a ton for the kind comment and positive review... it really brightened our day!


You guys are welcome!! Again, the game was very good and cant wait to see more from this project.


 Well, here we go. This is a true masterpiece! First of all, the story. The plot twists got me shook. Second of all, the design. Not only the main characters are drawn very attractive, but also the backgrounds. Also I have to admit that having a load of endings makes the game even more better. You are trying to achive all of them! One thing that makes me a little upset is that the game is short. I understand that those types of games with a massive variety of endings can't be long, but I can't stand that here. It's  too good. Character disclosure is shown perfect, we get to know them more and even share their feelings and emotions. Characters' facial expressions are on a high level!

Great job done here, Fiendish Fiction ^^


Thanks so much for your kind comment and positive review! We're absolutely thrilled by how much you enjoyed Up All Night.

We also understand it might seem a little short, but the game was made for the Spooktober Visual Novel Jam in the span of a single month, so our time and resources were extremely limited. It was super tough just to cut it down as much as we did! That said, definitely keep your eyes open... we're currently in the process of planning a sequel (2022 development, perhaps?), which will be a longer and more in-depth exploration of similar themes. At the very least you can definitely expect to see Nick again! ;)


I'm late to the party, but dang it's worth the read. Few games could leave me devastated but also hopeful at the end of the story, and this achieved that :'))

Nick needs a hug...no, many hugs.....................................................and a therapy.


Howdy Sora,

Thanks so much! We're really glad you enjoyed Up All Night, and appreciate both your kind comment and positive review. Definitely keep your eyes open for some of our future projects... we've already started brainstorming on a sequel, and are hoping to produce a little snippet of Nick's time in therapy for this years Spooktober jam. Whether or not it does him any good, well... that remains to be seen. ;)


"... a little snippet of Nick's time in therapy for this years Spooktober jam..."

Oh my God.                        OH.                 MY.                 GOD.     ohmygod-

I don't wanna jinx anything but : take your time, stay safe, and we'll always stay tune and cheering you on any of your project from this side of the world, devs!


The music is *chef's kiss* ashhabdsjgbkabgf

This was the first thing to hit me, was how much I completely vibed with the music. I loved the instruments (synthesizers maybe?)  that were used to create them--the flute thingy or hurdy gurdy thing (idk) that was used for Grayson's theme was wonderful, I loved listening to it. Felix's theme struck me as being different from all the rest, with like more orchestral instruments or something. My real point is that I really loved the music, and the beginning instrumentals started the VN off very strongly!! Does the composer have like a youtube channel or a spotify where I can listen to the music again? I just liked it that much u_u

I liked the design of all three characters! Their fits were all sweet, and their expressions were vivid and yanked at my heartstrings. even felix's lmao Felix threw up so many creeper flags lol When I read Felix's hands were cold, I instantly thought "vampire". Interestingly, I was somewhat misled by this--I focused so much on Felix and figuring out how he would have killed Mr and Mrs Nash I didn't realize there was a bear. I thought that was just Felix :p I really disliked Felix through all the bad endings, but I guess I warmed up to him (slightly) after I saw the good ending (SPOILER the one where all the cast get together in the city in Nick's head) 

the monster designs were sick. Grayson was a great buff werewolf, but felix's design was on point. He reminded me an aye-aye with his huuuge claws heh

Grayson was just so kyuuute. I was really sad that (SPOILER she had to die in the end) but I had a sinking feeling once it was revealed that she'd munched her parents. I really wanted her to live happily ever after, but I didn't see a way to make that happen :( it was immensely satisfying to see felix getting his ass kicked tho. 

As for Nick, I really liked him!! with all his flashbacks and all the awful things that happened to him, I really hope he gets more therapy and maybe some meds if he needs them uwu I really want him to make some more friends :( at least his parents seem nice!

Trying to get the good ending was really fun! It was just the right amount of challenge. I did get a little confused as to which ending was which tho, so maybe numbering the endings would be cool! 

the writing was awesome! i never felt the urge to JUST SKIP like I sometimes do with not so well written VNs. The flashbacks poor nicky had really made my skin crawl. I kind of skimmed over them, they were so difficult to read--but in a good way! i think the writer did a good job in portraying the awful situation respectfully.

anyways, ill round off this comment by saying that I really really loved ur VN! It was very engaging, I vibed with the characters and the music was just *vibrates excitedly* Great job to all the devs!!!!


Thanks so much, Incudo!

Our composer is thrilled to hear how much you like the music. He definitely poured his heart and soul into it! Unfortunately he doesn't have a website or anywhere he posts his music, though the rest of our team is trying to persuade him to get on that. That said, we are currently in the process of repackaging Up All Night, and are planning to include an artbook and the full soundtrack. We don't have a projected release date for that yet, but hopefully it won't take too long, and we hope you'll check out that version once it's available. ;)

Our writer and artist are also appreciative, and thrilled that you enjoyed the character designs and narrative. We're glad you didn't give up, and were able to claw your way to the good end!

We also appreciate your follow here on Itch, but for updates about our Up All Night repackage and the future sequel (yes, you read that right!), we also encourage you to follow us on Twitter. We've got some pretty juicy stuff on there.

We'll wrap up by saying thanks again! Your kind comment plus your positive review mean so much to our small team.


WOAH! that game is amazing! i got the bad ending but it was fun. i really enjoyed it! 

I recorded it for YouTube but I probably won't upload it sadly because of the gore. i did really enjoy it tho :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much! We're thrilled you enjoyed it, even if you won't be able to upload. We do know a number of streamers who have chosen to upload, but it's all dependent on your channel/audience, so we completely understand!

That said, we also encourage you to go back and play through the good ending if you can find the time. You should be able to skip through a lot already, and there is a walkthrough on the game page if needed.

Thanks again!

(1 edit) (+3)


The art style is solid and great to look at, I also think that the designs for the monsters are nice, especially Felix (I wouldn't consider the design something you'd stereotypically find for a vampire in the media /pos).

  • I do think it would be great to provide the player with more save files/slots since there are eight different endings and that might be helpful.
  • it wasn't really a big deal in this game but providing an option to increase the text size would be appreciated

I'm no expert in mental health but I think the way they portrayed Nick was realistic considering the all the pain the writers have put him through! I was playing this game on my own before deciding whether or not it'd be ok to stream on twitch and after getting through a few bad endings, I think it'd be ok as long as you're familiar enough to know how to avoid the very triggering endings.

I think I'd recommend this game to those who like a challenge in achieving all the endings in the games they play. It was definitely a challenge figuring out what choices would give you the end you wanted (in a good way). I still haven't gotten all the endings yet, but I'll probably try again with the help of the pdf guide the devs provided.

For a full game that's completely free, it has a lot to give. Especially since I haven't encountered any bugs yet.


Howdy Remi, thanks so much for your comment... we're glad you've been enjoying Up All Night!

We will definitely take your thoughts into consideration for future projects... as first-time devs, there was a lot that flew under the radar in this one. In fact, it never even crossed our mind to make text size an option, but it makes complete sense to implement our next endeavour. Same with save slots... at the end of the day, there's no such thing as too many, but there is certainly such a thing as too few!

We're thrilled you've enjoyed the game so far, and if you haven't yet reached the true ending, we definitely hope you'll push for it! It can be tough to unlock, but well worth it, with the added bonus of a few more stylish CGs and juicy, descriptive writing (no bugs... at least as far as we know)!

Thanks again!

(2 edits) (+2)

Loving the art style and the story of this game!! (Edit: Thank you! I found the true ending and all the pictures with it! Such a perfect ending. I can tell so much thought and love went into this game. Also, no matter what you're going through, there is help and hope for you <3)


Howdy lynamoon,

Thanks so much for playing Up All Night! We're glad you're enjoying the art and story.

Our writer certainly didn't make reaching the true end easy, but our best hint for getting there (and unlocking the three remaining illustrations) is to examine everything.

Hopefully this helps! If you're still struggling, feel free to reach out again, and we'll do our best to come up with another tip. Cheers!

Played through the demo for Spooktober. Here's a highlight of the stream I had for that. Looking forward to trying the full game out soon! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/768998545

Hey, thanks so much for streaming our demo, marimoVN! The game has improved a lot since then (yes, we actually have working settings, now, haha).

We look forward to you playing the full release, and hope you'll come back to share your thoughts with us!


I really don't like writting comments in English but I'm amazed by this game and the whole story and I felt that I need to tell you that.

I really had a lot of fun playing this game and achieving all the endings (my favorite was of course true ending and bad end 3). This game have perfect amount of mistery, secrets and great characters. The plot is really interesting and suspenseful

I'm glad that I found this game. I look foward to play your another games. 

(P.S. I wish to play a sequel to bad end 3 :D ) 


Thank you so much for your kind comment, Alesial! That means so much to our tiny team!

We're thrilled that you enjoyed Up All Night enough to unlock all the endings, and we look forward to you checking out our future games. I'm not sure about a sequel, but our team has been talking about writing some origin stories for the characters, so hopefully you'll stay tuned for those... they should prove very interesting! ;) Thanks again!

(I really like bad end 3 too. It might be my favourite... after the True End, of course!)


Ceri here (again)!

So I jumped aboard the full version today and let me tell ya, it was a blast to read through! The story was able to really grip me past the point of where the alpha demo ended and the reveals were all built up pretty well thanks to closer observation of certain areas  and characters through the game. I won't say anything further but the true ending is just *chef's kiss* the right amount of bittersweet!

Kudos to the team for this and any future creations down the game dev road!

(P.S. About the 8th ending, is it also a bad ending?)


That's wonderful to hear!

We're impressed you managed to make it to the true ending... our writer definitely didn't make it easy. ;)

Thanks so much for playing! We're absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed it. Your prior comment proved invaluable in bringing the full release to fruition, and we definitely hope you'll keep up with our future releases. Cheers!

(...And yes, the 8th ending is also a bad ending. Poor Nick can't catch a break...)

Looks really cool so far! Can't wait to see more!! :)

Thanks so much, river! When the time comes, we hope you'll give us your thoughts on the full release!

(1 edit)

Ceri here!

At the start of the Spooktober Jam, I discovered the first sketches of the main cast of characters for your project while browsing through the hashtag for the jam. The concept of battling inner demons while solving a murder mystery was what drew me to your game as I'm a big fan of Occult Crime Police (which has a more comedic bent to it and is more spooky than out-right horror) and anything that has a strong focus on its narrative.

So I downloaded and read through the alpha demo today. Here's my thoughts

First Impressions

-  I like how the slow reveal of what occured 4 months prior to the game's start plays out during Nick's first night in the cabin and if he chooses to look at the dead deer after he meets Grayson.

- Felix has quite the ominous air to him despite his courteous and dapper appearance. Definitely keeping my eye on this guy.

- Grayson is quite an oddball but has a fun personality and I see a lot of myself in her. Now I'm curious about her backstory


1. Will you be adding more options to the main menu (such as settings , extras and quit) in the full release plus a CG gallery and ending reference guude in the extras?

2. I think the title screen and other menu pages would look better iwith a dark grey or black color scheme with white or bright red lettering for the options to fit with the drama oriented mood of the game.

3. How many good and bad endings (no spoilers)?

4. Will the full release be 100% free?

I will return with a review of the full release when it comes out! Here's to you guys for drawing me into such an interesting story!

Howdy Ceri,

Thanks so much for your comment... it means a lot to us as first-time devs!

It's awesome to hear that you've been excited for this project from the get-go. We really appreciate your initial thoughts.

Some answers:

1. We will definitely be adding more options to the menu. There will be a quit button at the very least (hilarious oversight only realized after assembling the demo), and our programmer is hoping to set up a CG gallery along with a configuration menu. We will be releasing a guide to completing all the endings alongside the full release, though it may be as a separate download.

2. We've actually been considering making some changes to the title screen and menu to make them more dark and ominous. The fact that you bring this up strengthens the case! We appreciate the suggestion, and will definitely take it to heart.

3. There are six bad ends and one true end.

4. The full release will be free with an option to donate.

Thanks again for providing us your first impressions! It's wonderful to get feedback, and extremely helpful in bringing the full release to fruition -- and any future releases we might have. When the time comes, we look forward to hearing what you think of the full release! Cheers!