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What's your name? Where are you? Why does the scent of iron linger in the air? And most importantly, who is she? Recall memories long lost as you engage in conversation with a kitsune you may or may not know.

This game incorporates mature themes including memory loss, aging, death, and visual depictions of blood.

Daimu is a bite-sized visual novel utilizing minimal assets to tell a unique, narrative-driven story. This short game features roughly 2,200 words, three endings, an original soundtrack, and a single illustration.

Terra Babcock - Story dev, narrative design, writing, programming
Johan Faulstich - Story dev, character design, illustration, copywrite
Walksoftly - Original soundtrack, miscellaneous
BaiYu - Social media, miscellaneous

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(copying my rating comment over)

Short and bittersweet, with lovely art (as usual) and music. Just enough that you can glean what all happened between them, but not enough so that you're left with wanting more. 

I'm not sure if it's meant to be a depiction of dementia, but as somebody with a relative suffering from it (albeit one I was never very close to), this definitely hurt.

Great job!!

Thanks as always, dogstarlite! :)


(Copied from the Spooktober Jam rating page to help this game with's algorithm!)

A shining example of how to tell a great story with a small wordcount and limited assets. I was really invested in the dynamic between Daimu and the kitsune he loved - and the endings were very sad. The writing is beautiful and polished, too. 

Excellent work!


Thanks so much, Mado! Despite its small size, we really poured our hearts into this one. We're glad it paid off. <3


Ohhh I'm weepy :( I like the quiet sadness and anger that the kitsune is holding back. The fact that the hunter has amnesia now means we'll never find out why he suddenly attacked her. Maybe she really was bewitching him, maybe even unintentionally. But it was most likely his free decision both times, despite 50 years... Maybe the point isn't to figure out how it happened, instead to bask in the emotions of the situation


Thanks so much for playing and enjoying our short little tale! We're glad we were able you leave an impact on you in such a small amount of time.

Maybe the point isn't to figure out how it happened, instead to bask in the emotions of the situation

This is exactly what we're going for. We definitely wanted to leave the story and the relationship within ambiguous and open to interpretation.

Thanks again!


Time is cruel, isn't it; 

This was a beautifully sad story told tightly and impactfully...


Old man suffered memory loss due to natural laws, went back to his young age and hunted the fox. and now, after everything happened, we step in to fading dream..


nooooo yume :,((((


Glad you enjoyed. :')


A wonderful short story that def left a mark <3


Crafting a short story that leaves an impact on players is definitely a tough feat, so this compliment means a lot to us. Thank you!


I loved how much drama and heartache got packed into this lil story, beautiful artwork and music too!


Despite its small size, we really poured our hearts into this one. Glad it shows!


A fantastic (shorter) visual novel with a lot of heart and a good background of folk lore. A very fine tale.


The music ain't half bad either. ;)