New Project With Upcoming KS

Howdy gang!

Thank you all for playing our little O2A2 game from last year. Though it's a short experience, we hope you all enjoyed it. Don't forget to rate it and tell us how you felt about it! We're always listening to your feedback.

Now for something exciting: we've been hard at work these past 2 months working on the demo of our next commercial game, and we're proud to show you the results!

Birds of Paradise is a comedic dating sim following tired and overworked young professional Robin as she navigates life, love, and her career. Robin takes on a new position as assistant manager of the Birds of Paradise; a boy band full of vain, obnoxious, needy young men. But when the actual manager leaves her high and dry, it’s up to Robin to help the boys find success… while also fending off their rival band, a femme fatale punk-rock group known as the Birds of Prey. Birds of Paradise will include a huge amount of content including over 100k words, five romantic interests, a platonic friendship route, and LGBT options. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign, which we anticipate running in Q2, 2022!

Hop on over to the brand new itch page and give it a whirl! Birds of Paradise marks our first foray into Unity and Naninovel, and we hope that you all are excited for our Kickstarter launching on July 26, 2022! Go to our pre-launch page and click that "Notify Me On Launch" button to stay on top of things, and if you haven't already, sign up for our mailing list!

Enjoy, keep hydrated, and Stay Fiendish!

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